Latest Samsung Galaxy S4 rumours – ultra skinny, 13MP camera

In nine days time the waiting will be over and we will all know what the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone looks like and how it will work. All will be revealed in a big bash in New York.

Until then though expect the rumour mill to continue in overdrive.

Today’s leak comes from Twitter – EV Leaks – and is a graphic (above) that has some basic spec stuff. Incidentally the tweet has been taken down – it was here.

So what does it tell us? Not a huge amount that we couldn’t guess to be honest.

The S4 is bound to super skinny – a bit like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It is also likely to have a Super AMOLED high-definition screen too. It will run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean – check.

What is of more interest is that it packs a 13 mega pixel camera with 4128×3096 pixels – that’s a serious upgrade to the camera on the SIII which is 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels. Also that it will have a whopping 64 Gigabytes of storage – the same as the SIII

It doesn’t tell us what size the screen is though.

I think Samsung will miss a trick if it does do a Sony and like the Xperia Z go for a five incher. I think Apple will offer a bigger screen iPhone later in the year – possibly a 4.5incher the same size as the S3. By going large again it will keep Samsung ahead of its rival.

Ashley Norris