Rough Trade launches Tracks Of the Week – six songs straight to your inbox

Record shop, and I guess we can call that again now, Rough Trade has been doing brisk business in spite of the difficulties that have afflicted some of its rivals.

Now it is turning its attention its online offering and delivering a very interesting new service.

In association with The Guardian, it is launching Tracks of the Week. Basically you sign up and pay £2.99 a week, and every Friday six new tracks will land in your inbox.

And before you say – why can’t you just check them out on Spotify, Rough Trade are promising some fascinating stuff and exclusives that won’t be available anywhere else.

Also you won’t know what they are until they reach you – which is where the excitement lies.

You can also get 24 free tracks if you sign up here.

Now if they could get some big names to sign up this could be really fun. It only works though for people with catholic taste in music as knowing Rough Trade you could receive some scratchy US indie alongside some quirky London urban sounds.

As Stephen Godfroy of Rough Trade says: “We’re delighted to offer, in partnership with the Guardian, a music service that offers genuine digital value and excitement for the music lover. Not knowing what you’re going to receive each week replicates the thrilling sense of adventure felt in our stores, providing customers a priceless moment of trusted discovery, surprise and joy.”

Ashley Norris