WIN OR FAIL? Facebook tests automatic photo upload feature


Facebook would love it if we didn’t do anything all day but fool around on Facebook, it wants us to use it to talk to people (obviously), find things, organise things, celebrate birthdays and things oh and of course upload all our embarrassing photos.

Well now the social network has started testing a new feature as part of its iOS app (having already given it a whirl on Android) that means all the photos you’ve taken on your iPhone or iPad are automatically uploaded to Facebook. Yep that’s right. ALL of them.

But fear not, photos aren’t automatically added to your timeline, instead they get sent to a super secret private album, which you can delve into and decide what you’d like to make public and what you’d like to erase from the planet forever. A new page on the Facebook Help Center dedicated to Photo Syncing (because people were obviously going to be whining about it A LOT) explains:

“Only you can see the photos you’ve synced from your phone. Your photos are saved privately in a section of your Facebook Photos that only you can see. When you view your synced photos, you can choose shots to share or send in a private message.”

Of course that’s all good and well, but given Facebook’s privacy hiccups in the past we still feel a bit cautious about setting anything up to sync automatically. Ever. But then again maybe that’s a testament to the photos we have on our phones and not Facebook…

Only a few users seem to be able to activate the new test feature, so go to the Facebook app, to your timeline and see if you have an “automatic syncing” button there. We don’t unfortunately, so can’t tell you much more :(:(:(.

[Via Venture Beat]

Becca Caddy