Facebook experiments with a separate feed for brand updates


Facebook is always experimenting with new features that are sometimes quickly added to the social network and other times abandoned and deemed really rubbish.

Today The Next Web noticed that Facebook has been experimenting by clumping all updates from brands, pages and websites in one place, over at https://www.facebook.com/pages/feed.

There’s no saying whether this change will stick, but it’ll be a good way for regular users to stop seeing updates from brands all the time when they get a bit too pushy.

[Via The Next Web]

Becca Caddy

One thought on “Facebook experiments with a separate feed for brand updates

  • I actually like this idea. My friends on one list, and the rest on another. Nice. Now I won't be so frustrated with the 'spam' I have to see when checking up on family, just because I click like on a page. At the same time, just like my friends and family, its nice to be able to go and see what's happening in my world of likes.

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