Curisma: Like Pinterest for tech and design geeks


Curisma is a content curation network that’s just for tech and design geeks to show off the things they’ve got and covet the things they haven’t.

We first heard of quirky platform Curisma late last year, but felt it hadn’t really gained enough traction to get us REALLY excited. Well now following the popularity of sites like Pinterest, Fancy and Juxtapost, we think that Curisma could be a great option for those who like collecting and coveting things, but want lovely tech and gadgets, not recipe cards and wedding dresses.

Arguably the content curation market is pretty crowded right now, you’ve got Fancy for, well, the fancy stuff you want, Gentlemint for keeping a track of manly things and Pinterest for pretty much everything else. However, we think there’s definitely a space for tech lovers who want to keep track of the gadgets they’ve bought and the new things they’d like, as well as discovering cool product ideas and concept designs specially selected by Curisma’s dedicated community.

You use the site in a similar way you would to Pinterest, create a profile, drag the “Add to Curisma” button to your bookmarks bar, click it when you see something you want to share,
and then follow other cool people and the cycle continues.

However, there’s more of a focus on deals and buying all of the cool things you collect with Curisma, much like Fancy. The video that explains the concept says:

“Curisma learns to read your mind and provides exclusive deals on products you actually want. It features and sells one awesome product everyday, influenced by you.”

Although we imagine the focus on buying stuff may put off those who turned to Pinterest to just create pretty boards to stare at, if you prefer to share and collect things because you actually want them and get excited by blogs like Yanko Design, then Curisma could be much better suited to you.

It’s still early days for Curisma. Some of the fonts don’t look quite right (we know, we know that’s very superficial of us), it’s certainly not as “pretty” as Pinterest and there are a few features we’d like to tweak if we had the chance and knew anything about being a developer. But, we’re excited to see what happens in the future and can imagine we’ll all have collected together a huge list of gadgets we want using the site over the next few months.

Becca Caddy


  • I think some web and graphic designer can post their works on pinterest to show and promote their job and on that case, they have a possibility to get more clients.

  • Well now following the popularity of sites like Pinterest, Fancy and Juxtapost, we think that Curisma could be a great option 

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