LFW: Burberry shows it knows its stuff when it comes to fashion AND social media


Over the past few years, British fashion house Burberry has become almost as well-known for its innovative online activity as it is for its trench coats and iconic tartan print.

The brand has made its mark on Instagram, paved the way for other brands when it comes to f-commerce and designed a pretty slick Google+ page, as well as much, much more.

Burberry didn’t fail to impress industry insiders (and online fans) at London Fashion Week on Monday either, as it made its new collection more accessible than ever.

Last year the brand made fashion and tech headlines when it held the world’s first ‘tweetwalk’, and this time around Burberry partnered up with Twitter yet again, giving users a sneak peek at its designs before the actual show, meaning (unsurprisingly) #Burberry trended globally. The tweetwalk and subsequent show were also live streamed to Facebook and Burberry.com, as well as massive outdoor screens throughout London, so even those who couldn’t get to the show could keep up with the action.

The brand also utilised its popular Instagram feed as a way to keep people updated, encouraged sharing on Facebook, provided people with exclusive tracks from the show on iTunes AND created a kind of fake rainstorm as a finale. We may not be huge fans of fashion, but we can really appreciate the brand’s innovative online efforts. Well done Burberry, well done.

Watch the Burberry show again or explore the looks on Burberry.com.

Becca Caddy