Facebook: You can now easily hide the annoying News Ticker

news-ticker-off-on.jpgLast year Facebook introduced the News Ticker, a way to see everything your friends are doing, from commenting on other people’s photos to adding new contacts. Boring and a little worrying when you realise you’ve been sat watching it tick over for the past 20 minutes.

Back in October we wrote about the Facebook Classic plug-in for Google Chrome, which gets rid of the News Ticker for you and reverts back to the old look News Feed. However, if Chrome isn’t your browser of choice you can now quickly toggle the News Ticker on and off, just look for the little arrow in the top right hand corner.

We like that Facebook has added this very simple option to hide or show the News Ticker, but wonder why it wasn’t introduced last year? It would have prevented a lot of Facebook haters from whining even more than they usually do…

Becca Caddy