iPhone 4S images already on Apple's website


Thanks to some clever digging around by 9to5mac images of Apple’s new iPhone 4S are already on Apple’s main website.

As you can see it looks VERY similar to the iPhone 4 model, but the Newsstand app icon on the homescreen tells us it’s running iOS5 instead of iOS4, just in case you were convinced we were just showing you a photo of two iPhone 4 handsets to keep you entertained!

Becca Caddy


  • These two were just very similar looked. And I think that their feature's are also having some similarity because it is also made by the apple company. Both devices are looks very great and it's compatible ti use.

  • Apple Japan leaked the iPhone 4S earlier, and Phil Schiller has taken the task to announce said smartphone that features a new dual core A5 processor from Apple within, the same chip which powers the iPad. It is said that the iPhone 4S is up to 7 times faster than the iPhone 4 where graphical performance is concerned. Bear in mind that the iPhone 4S will be a world phone – supporting both GSM and CDMA networks, and I can imagine this feature being a deal clincher for many who were previously on the fence. From what we can tell, if this is the “iPhone 5″, then there is no redesign whatsoever – so what happens to all those leaked cases? Read more about the iPhone 4S after the jump.

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