Facebook Video Chat: Will we now need to Get Dressed Up to Go Online?


For me, one of the joys of social networking is that you can do it while you’re slumped on your bed wearing a tracksuit and eating a bowl of cereal.

No make-up or cocktail dresses needed thank you. But Video Chat on Facebook could change that, as you never know when your colleague or that hot guy/lady from tennis club/Accounts/manga reading group will suddenly start video messaging you and requesting to see a) you and b) wherever you are.

Of course you could politely refuse to share images of your ruffled hair and patchy bed face with them but it the refusal would add its own social difficulties.

Ok – so it’s more likely to be your friend getting in touch with you, or your sister or something. But still – it makes Facebook less of a “slouch and lurk” experience and more of a “sit-up and brush your hair” thing. Best to switch it off when looking ropey.

It’s getting deeper into our lives…

Anna Leach