What we've learned from FourSquare: New Yorkers booze more than Friscans


Apparently New Yorkers are more likely to check-in at bars than San Franciscans who are more likely to wind up in coffee shops.

Foursquare opened up some of its information trove to the Wall Street Journal and it turned up some interesting data results – primarily about the leisure activities of the technorati in those two great American cities.

In total, Americans are most likely to check into their corporate offices and then their homes.The most checked-in at office in New York is, surprise surprise, the Foursquare office, the GooglePlex being the most checked-in-at office in San Francisco.

In New York the next most-checked-in venues were bars with 4.9% of all check-ins, in San Francisco the third most checked-into category was coffee shops at 5.3%.


Minor differences, but they do indicate the different cultures of the respective cities. We’d obviously love to see the UK data they have collected. In fact we’ll email them off for that right now…

Anna Leach