Sony takes on the iPad: S1 PlayStation Tablet specs


Sony have jumped into the tablet computer market with the Android-powered Sony Playstation S1 and S2 devices.

Rumours suggest that the S1 and S2 Playstation tablets will be available from September and will cost $599 for a Wifi-only version.

Sony are hoping to carve a niche for themselves in tablet industry by using the name of their popular gaming console to target an audience different from the leisure users who are buying Apple’s iPad and business users who are buying Blackberry’s Playbook.

Limited specs available, but here’s what we know so far:

– Android Honeycomb OS
– Chip: NVIDIA Tegra 2 processors, dual-core chips for mobile
– 9.4-inch screen on the S1
– The S2 – will be a variant on the S1 with two folding 5.5 inch screens, and barrel-shaped back

Anna Leach