#CES: Withings release only iPhone accessory that can measure Blood Pressure


Okay I’ve seen some weird iPhone accessories in my time, but my god, this takes the biscuit. It’s not a speaker dock shaped like a football – it’s a blood pressure monitor, one of those ones you strap around your arm.

The Withings Blood Pressure monitor works with your iPhone or iPod and has just been announced at CES. It’s from the makers of the WiScale a smart weighing machine that syncs data about your weight to your iPhone, and has the same big advantage – letting you monitor your health and understand it better.

They’re doing the same thing here, just with blood pressure. Plug the monitor into your iPhone, strap it on, and take a reading. The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor automatically averages measurements to produce significant results. You can access your measurement history on your iPhone or on a computer at the withings website.

French company Withings explain why they decided to get into Blood pressure:

“With hypertension affecting almost 25% of the world population, blood pressure measurement can help to save lives. However, until now, taking your blood pressure required the use of complex devices with multiple manipulations, mathematical operations and data recording procedures. Self-measurement has been recommended by the medical profession for many years , but no one had yet found concrete solutions to expand its use.”

It’s a really smart idea, obviously at £ it’s not something you’d buy for the hell of it, but if you’re worried about your blood pressure, this could be a really valuable tool..

Anna Leach


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