OK Go Collaborates With Range Rover To Create GPS Enabled Art

The US rock band OK Go, has become infamous for their creative often low-budget music videos, including their most famous, Here It Goes Again which received over 50 million views.

OK Go’s latest attempt to find creative ways to promote themselves, comes in the form of a collaboration with the car manufacture Range Rover, to create the Evoque Pulse of the City project.

The project will involve the geo-mapping of a street parade in celebration of Los Angeles on November 17th. The group will carry their instruments and amplifiers through the streets of their home city, as fans log on to follow them via Facebook and Twitter as they walk and play. As the band moves around the city they will be tracking their movements with the Evoque iPhone app. The GPS app, was launched by Range Rover last month in anticipation of their new Evoque car, and allows users to create stunning data visualizations of their movements across cities anywhere in the world. OK Go, will use this GPS tracking technology to spell out the words “OK Go” in giant letters.

Damian Kulash from OK Go said: “We’re asking everyone who wants to be part of something artistic, colourful and musical to join us in this collaboration….We will track every step of our journey through GPS and create a unique piece of collaborative, living art. We are dancing with our home town and asking our fans to do the same.”

They are encouraging fans can get involved and create their own journeys which will be made into a film and distributed via OK Go’s social media channels by downloading the app