43% Of Brits Would Save Computer or Phone Before Pet

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A recent study by My Voucher Codes, found that in the event of a house fire, 43% of Brits would save either their computer or mobile phone before the family pet.

We obviously love our gadgets, but could never imagine putting our computers before our pets.

The study polled 1,219 pet owners in the UK and asked them the multiple-choice question ‘In the event of a house fire, what would be the first thing you would save?’

For most of us our laptops holds all of our ‘valuable information’ from photos and videos, to important paper work, so we understand why people would grab their laptops first, but maybe these people shouldn’t own pets.

According to their results, below are the top 10 things Brits would save in a fire.

1. Laptop/Computer -24%
2. Mobile phone – 18%
3. Family pet – 14%
4. Games console – 12%
5. Clothing – 9%
6. Wallet/purse – 8%
7. Jewellery – 6%
8. Photo albums – 4%
9. iPod/MP3 player – 3%
10. Camera – 2%