Review: new Online Meeting Tool Join.Me promises to make conferences easier


If you ever wanted to meet 249 other people at once, but couldn’t quite get around to the physical logistics of organising a real-world meeting, then perhaps you might be interested in

Forget 10-way calls on Skype, is an online meeting and screen-sharing tool that will connect up to 250 people. The core is instant messaging not voice calls – in many ways it’s like a private Twitter, but with a screen-sharing element which could make it useful for discussing slide-shows and presentations. It could also be useful for showing someone how to do something online.

What they say
“Join.Me is a fast, simple, lightweight screen sharing product. It offers free online meetings for both personal and commercial use to up to 250 participants – no registration, plug-ins or accounts required.”

They say it is designed for “both typical online meetings and the quick, impromptu scenarios – the scenarios for which today’s web conferencing products are rarely if ever used.”

What I think
Like a private Twitter with an extra screen-sharing gadget. From a quick try-out it does seem pretty simple to use, and will sit on top of whatever page you’re on. You do have to download an exe file to get the app working, and it does send my computer schizzing out a bit but that’s probably my fault for having Windows Vista. There’s a play button that lets you share your computer screen with other people in the conversation and a pause button for when you want to stop sharing your screen with other people, handy.

It’s easy to send chat invitations over email. And one advantage over skype is that you don’t need to have an account and neither do your friends.

One big flaw in my opinion – Join.Me does not save a log of the chat, meaning that you can’t refer back to it for future reference.

Still, it’s free so if this sounds like the sort of thing you need to do occasionally, might be worth a try-out.

The Pro version provides additional features for a monthly or annual subscription.

Download on Join.Me

Anna Leach


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