The Poshest iPhone app in the store? Veuve Clicquot presents The Season

Veuve Clicquot, the premium champagne brand have released an iPhone app. Where beer has iPint, Champagne has… The Season.

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I can’t say this is the most imaginative app functionality that I have ever seen, but if you are likely to want a concierge-delivery of Champagne while lolling around the Veuve Clicquot sponsored Polo final, then this app will definitely help you.

The Veuve Clicquot app is a calendar that lets you plan Summer 2010: in their words, “it lets you create, manage and share your social calendar and locates the nearest bar at events like Polo in the Park, Glastonbury and Wimbledon.”

I infer that “The Season” is the collective noun for posh things happening in the Summer. Calendar information comes with tips appropriate for the event. See below:
795 1.jpg

In a little more detail:

The Calendar: allows you to view key Season events by month, register your attendance and even add your own ‘event’.
RSVP: The RSVP functions allow you to see which Season app users from your contacts are attending or send an email to invite them.
Hot Spots: a handy list of hotels, restaurants and bars – recommended as the best places in and around Season events.
Concierge Service: Champagne delivered to you via a GPS-assisted Concierge Service.

So if you’re a social gad-about with a taste for the bubbly, and a lot of posh events to attend this summer, go! get the Veuve Clicquot app, it won’t cost you anything – though your taste for champagne probably will…

Final word of warning, if you are under 17, beware of the “frequent and intense alchol references.”

See the Veuve Clicquot iPhone app site> and on iTunes

Anna Leach