IWOOT creates list of festival essentials

Whether you’re off to Bestival or Download this year, you’re going to need more than a tent and a clean pair of pants. That’s why the team at IWantOneOfThose has put together a list of their essential festival gadgets.

We’ve picked our favourite five. Scroll through the gallery and see what you need to put o your list…


One thought on “IWOOT creates list of festival essentials

  • the Asado Grill is great for festivals
    It is a chromed steel stand for the Instant BBQ and I hope it is of interest to offer your customers for 2011?
    As you are probably aware the Instant BBQ sells in it’s millions in the UK alone.
    However they often banned from many places as they end up marking tables, campsite pitches, lawns etc. from misuse
    The Asado Grill takes all that away and enables you to use an Instant BBQ in safety and style.
    The Instant BBQ is the ultimate portable BBQ and once placed in the Asado grill allows you to cook on
    any surface without the fear of burning anything except your food …perhaps!

    Please also see the Asado Flameboy designed again buy us for you to use at any event –
    Happy in the knowledge that is has every tool you need to cook and entertain your guests!
    a great fun gadget for your campers, festivals, hikers, caravanning, BBQ picnics to use again and again

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