IPad won't go mass-market in UK, survey predicts

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So while we’re all interested in the iPad, a survey by technology company says that it won’t go mass-market in the UK. The survey by Simpson Carpenter suggested that while people love the looks and the touch screen when they were shown the device, they don’t feel like coughing up close to £500 for it.

The cheapest iPad, the 16gb wifi will be £429, the cheapest 3G model will be £529, then there’s the £10-25 a month contract on top of that…

Bought at retail price from the US, it costs £365 so UK customers do face a price hike, which may putting some of them off.

Comments they gathered included:
“Everything it does I can do on my PC or my phone right now; I just don t need another thing.”
“It s just a big iPod Touch … a big iPhone without the phone. Or the camera.”

US customers were initially sceptical too, but of course overcame their scruples and bought 1million in a single month.

From our Shiny Poll the other day it seems people are waiting for the next version of the iPad to come out, expecting some significant improvements in features, before jumping on the iPad wagon. There are also a host of rival tablet computers coming out, so people could be holding back to check out the competition first..

iPads available from Apple UK store

Anna Leach


  • The device itself is great, but some people are waiting to see “value” in their purchases. When the now-familiar iPod was launched, it was an instant hit, even in the UK. People are looking for the same “it factor” with the iPad as well.

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