iPad SchmiPad: I'm waiting for iPhone 4.0 – 5 features to expect

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There’s a big Apple launch on today – with stores in the States are selling the tablet iPad for the first time -as you may have noticed.

Me? I’m more excited about the launch of the new iPhone in June because I’m actually going to buy that because I need a phone and I’m still not sure I need a tablet. Time may prove me wrong. Anyway: five features we hope will be on the new iPhones:

1. Multitasking – want to slip between reading a story on a news app, checking Twitter and opening facebook without having to close one and open another? you should be able to with iPhone 4.0 which fixes one of the key complaints users have about the iPhone platform – it won’t let you multitask.

2. Better Battery – it still conks out after a day, and if these phone are going to multitask, they’re going to need a lot more juice.

3. A high-res HD screen: everything’s HD these days and with high resolution and crisp images being the key features of the iPad, it’s important for the new iPhone’s screen to match up.

4. Front-facing camera: the camera could definitely be improved and a front-facing webccam would allow for video chat as well.

5. Colours – I’d just like it if iPhone 4.0 came in colours like iPods do. Turquoise please.

Anna Leach


  • ha fair point: multitasking seems to be on the cards for certain, HD screen seems likely..

    the rest is yes a wishlist ;)

  • Hi Anna
    You should really take a look at the HTC Evo. It has all the features you’re talking about… except for the multicolor body… although I don’t think apple will launch more than white and black. It will be out in June too!

    It will handle multitasking

    have all the same apps as the iPhone on the Android Market

    Long Lasting Battery You can swap yourself

    HD Screen that plays & records video at 720p
    HDMI Port so you can watch back on your HD TV

    Front facing 1.3mp Camera and back 8mp Camera so you can take HQ photos and have fast video phone convos

    Plus 4G Speeds!

    I had the iPhone for 3 years (edge, 3G & 3GS) and I can’t WAIT for the HTC Evo to come out in June

    Check out the full specs! http://tinyurl.com/yhlxtv4

  • So these aren’t really things we should all expect? These are things that you WANT, as I’m understanding…

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