OH GREAT – a USB cooling seat pad

612 USBCoolingSeatPad_4_640.jpg

In the winter I spend my time writing about warming devices. Things like the lunchbox warmer or the hamburger-shaped hand warmer (which provoked an existential crisis in me back in Nov 09). Now the summer has come, things are heating up (sort of) outside, and USB cooling devices are on the table. And on your seat, nestling under your buttocks.

The USB Cooling Seat Pad has a built-in a cooling fan. Makers Brando say: “It pushes the fresh air through countless holes in the seat pad and helps you to stay away from sweaty seat.” Lovely.

I gotta say it doesn’t look very trendy though. Think about the image you want to project in the office before you launch into buying this one.

612 USBCoolingSeatPad_1_640.jpg

From the maestros of the USB gadget – Brando – $25.

Anna Leach