Ten Weird Facebook Groups about Animals

I’d say 50% of all Facebook groups are weird, so this is just a small taster of What’s Out There. I’ve decided to look at weird groups and fan pages related to animals – just to narrow it down.

You always think Facebook is just you and your friends because that’s all you see, but there are of course 400 million people on there. Because it’s so organised into insular friendship circles, Groups and Fan Page are one of the few areas where you might mingle with the Facebook randoms.

And these people are random.

As a note on Groups there are definite themes in them, memes if you will, ones that are particularly successful are: “If this group gets xxx members I’ll do xxx” ones [eg if this group gets 100,000 members, John will eat his head], the “Heavily ironic statement ones” [eg.Gay Marriage killed the Dinosaurs] and the “Sarky Comment on banal but pervasive thing that happens in every life” [eg I want to puch people who walk slowly in the back of the head.]

Anna Leach


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