Get your friend a job: with Facebook app Hire My Friend

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You know the way there are dating sites which encourages people to date your friend? There now a Facebook app that encourages people to hire your friends.

Hire My Friend is a free Facebook application that allows you to attach a mini profile of a job-seeking friend to your very own profile, showcasing their skills to your network. Okay so you may not have the HR department of Procter and Gamble as Facebook friends but you probably know some people right?

As the developer says: “If you could gather 500 of your friends in a room, and tell everyone about your friend who needs a job, someone in that room is likely to know someone who will be searching for someone of their skill set. This is a virtual way of instantaneously notifying everyone you know in a non-obtrusive manner. People naturally like to help, but don’t always like to feel the pressure to do so.”

It all makes sense given how shaky employment is for youngsters and well, pretty much everybody these days.

Hire My Friend on Facebook here

Anna Leach

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