Site of the week: – a collection of useful and weird lists

109 thumb.jpgSite of the week goes to As a list-a-holic, a collection of lists arranged in a list format gives me great pleasure.

The site is a collection of pre-made check lists for individual situations. Obviously a lot of lists are very specific to you: for example pick up Andrew will only have significance if you know someone called Andrew likely to want picking up. But there are some situations in which having a generic list can be quite useful: being in a relationship, dealing with a stalker – these sort of universal situations where you desire a nicely ordered series of things to do.

Described as “concise advice to help you live better and longer” it has a world-improving ethos behind it which is great.

From their “about us”:
“Our primary goal is to greatly improve the lives of people everywhere by providing a place where people can obtain and share useful information in a concise, easy-to-use format. Life is often hectic, confusing and overwhelming. We want to help you take care of things so you can relax and enjoy life.”


Organised into Health, Home, People, Travel, Fun, Money, you can see that anything on health or home-improvement from body piercings to chain saws could benefit from a checklist.

But my utter favourite ones are ones that make lists out of social interaction. This one for example, Visiting others which suggests while visiting : “Look for indications that those you are visiting would like for you to leave”

This is the entire checklist for being an adult – not as hard as you thought right?
109 checklists 1.jpg

And here’s one on relationships and one on dealing with stalkers. Excellent.

Anna Leach