CES 2010: 37" bar speakers from iLive – longest iPod speakers ever?


Is this the longest iPod speaker ever? Well it’s certainly an unusual design. Audio equipment makers iLive have debuted a massive 33 iPod and iPhone-compatible audio products at CES this year and the iTDP610B bar speakers is one of the weirdest-looking. Available at either 32 inch or 37 inches this would sit along the back of your desk creating they claim, a top quality surround sound effect, without having to place 5 speakers around the room. It’s also a DVD-player (plug into a screen to see the picture of course..) and has a motorised door which opens to reveal the iPhone dock and DVD slot. I’m a sucker for a motorised door.

Will be available for $199.99

[via Engadget]

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Anna Leach