Facebook adds a relationship anniversary reminder :/

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I’m not a big fan of putting relationships on Facebook, primarily because having to change your relationship status after you break up just adds an extra painful/embarrassing layer to the traumatic end of a relationship.

Let’s move on.

Back in the day, it used to be funny to say you were in open relationship with your flatmate or Ian Paisley or something. Now Facebook has got more mature, everyone takes it a bit more seriously. And Facebook’s new reminder service for romantic anniversaries will make it get even more serious.

Now when you register your relationship with Facebook it asks you what date you want to mark as your relationship anniversary.

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You will now get reminders that it’s you and your partner’s anniversary when the date crops up. So will your friends… giving them the opportunity to buy you anniversary presents, or at least to write something supportive or funny on your wall.

Mashable reckons that “congratulating happy couples on their five-year anniversary is just another way for Facebook to consume even more of our Internet time.” I think this extra information is just contributing to Facebook’s general knowledge of everything that’s going on ever.

Personally I’d like a customisable anniversary app… So Facebook could issue reminders of other significant events in life – like that night you and your friend inexplicably ended up in Swindon? Or the day you learnt what WTF meant, or when you got your gmail account? Times like those…

[via Mashable]

Anna Leach


  • Personally I have no desire for others to know my anniversary. I think that it is something that is personal. I have been with my guy for quite some time now, and maybe that is why?! We have dated for around 8 years so to me it is nice to have that day together that is personal and special to just us.

  • well i didnt know anyone could see it comming
    how could i possibly reset the date?

  • i agree with the pain in the ass after a break up part but it is entirely optional to use both the relationship status and the reminder.

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