Twitter 140conference 5 – what is digital presence?

In the first-after lunch talk Dean Landsman and Dean Meyers (@deanland and @deanmeistr) explored digital presence and what it is to have a presence online.

14.15 Everybody has a digital presence. What is presence online?

Presence has always been important. Little historical tour: early examples of branding from the Roman Empire, then mass media via the gutenburg press and up to recent days with mass media and newspapers.

And now – in these digital days: it’s a three screen world

TV – lean back experience
Computer – lean forward experience
Handheld – the transient experience, comes with you in your pocket

14.18 Example of the three screen world, take Heroes – the series: a TV show, a web site, and “a curated transient content experience” aka an app.
The app providing content that’s active, transient, portable and ubiquitous..

14.20 Time spent with each screen is different, and user attention and retention is different.

14.21 The paradigm shift.
Seminal moment for TV – Kennedy assassinated – TV was where it happened
Seminal moment for the net – MJ’s death – a blog broke the story and it happened on Twitter

Who owns your digital presence? you do.
what happens on the internet stays on the internet, because nothing ever goes away.

14.22 The internet is the end of the haves or the have-nots. Money doesn’t buy you internet presence.
But the more bandwith available to you the more you can become a defined presence.. visually through your avatar and now even in 3D [shows a video of an augmented reality app]

Digital presence is for now and beyond. Same way the caveman told their story on the wall of their cave we tell ours with blogs, with social media.

Presence is the the story that you tell that unfolds over time.

Shiny verdict: quite high-falutin’, with a lot of historical references, which didn’t always fit. Like the Three Screen idea, and the “presence is a story” soundbite.

Anna Leach