Twitter 140 2 – Andrew Keen, author Cult of the Amateur

Andrew Keen, Author of The Cult of the Amateur talked about Twitter and Power. He took a few pot shots at previous speaker Stephen Fry – obviously a hard act to follow.

9.50 You just saw a manifestation of Twitter and power. Power is being redistributed now. We’re discovering new structures of power.

I was watching you all listening to , you were all rapt. Stephen said Twitter allows you to speak as a human being.

[OOO, laying into Stephen Fry’s Twitter wobble.]

Authenticity – is the human quality that Stephen talks about. The idea of being able to talk to your human. That is the new currency of power, the more authentic one appears – as an individual or a corporation, the more power you have.

9.54 We have created tech of intimacy that does aways with the structure of power. Stephen the authentic superstar who knows how to engage is powerful. There’s been a shift from the organisation to the individual – charismatic personal power

Some of you are you saying that this is a good thing: we’ve got nice people like Stephen Fry.

What happens if Fry turns out to be nasty?

9.56 The problem with this new world where authenticity is the currency, it lends itself to charlatans. It’s going to lead to catastrophe.

When we’ve done away with the middle-men and the fact-checkers, i fear that the 21st cent may be vertinigious. A time of digtial vertigo.

Do not be deluded that we’re going into a utopia, a flat world where there is no power.
My verdict: Very apocalypse now this chap.

Anna Leach