T-mobile internet deal won't let you watch video

69 t mobile.jpgYou can browse the internet – but not watch videos, T-mobile tells customers buying its new mobile broadband gift packs.

The new 3 month or 12 month gift packs give customers “unlimited” internet along with a mobile broadband USB stick. The single payment is good value compared to standard prepay deals – but the T-mobile gift pack has this strange catch: you can’t watch videos or download anything.

Err, what?

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That’s not “browsing” according to T-mobile. A note issued with the press release states: “Browsing is looking at websites and checking emails, but not watching videos or downloading files”.

Yes internet user: don’t go watching any of those online videos and certainly don’t try to download an email attachment.

A ‘fair use’ police applies to the deal… but if downloading an email attachment isn’t fair use of the internet, I don’t know what is.

There are few logistical problems with this: if they think you watching a video on Youtube contravenes the Fair Use contract you signed, are you liable to be sued? How will they ever know whether you’re watching videos or not? Why don’t they just set a data limit like everyone else?

Some answers required on this one…

Anna Leach

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