Super-slim Dell Adamo XPS – new pictures!

117 Adamo_XPS_open_side.jpgHelloo… Adamo.

Two new images of the sexy high-end Adamo XPS from Dell have slipped out to the press. This computer is slim: 9.99mm to be exact. Check out the interesting balancing act it does when open, with the keyboard raised at a slant and only the edge of it and the bottom of the screen touching the table. Ooo.

We know, it’s just hype, but my, it looks like a mix between some leggy supermodel and a spear.

117 Adamo_XPS_Side_shot.jpg

Dell did an initial reveal of the new Adamo back in September, and they’re just keeping the geeks excited with these new photographs.

Dell are going for the wow-factor with their Adamo brand. Introduced back in March, they describe their Adamos as being at a “pinnacle of craftsmanship and design”. Derived from the Latin word meaning “to fall in love with”.

Anna Leach

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