INQ's Twitter phone on sale now

inq mini.jpg

Hardcore Twitter user? Fancy a new cheap-ish phone that’s built around your micro blogging addiction? Well the good news is that the INQ Mini 3G Twitter phone goes on sale today via the 3 network.

The handset boasts a Twitter app that stays on in the background and lets customers send ‘tweets’ and ‘retweet’ existing tweets. It has 3’s free Skype-to-Skype calls and Windows Live Messenger in the UK as well as Facebook access.

The handset is available free on 3’s £15 Internet Texter plan and on one of the network’s Mix & Match tariffs. It will also be available to Pay As You Go users for £59.99.
The Internet Texter plan tariff, which was created for the launch of the INQ1, offers free internet, free 3-to-3 calls, free voicemail and 75 minutes for £15 a month.

More details here

Ashley Norris