Anti-Paparazzi Fashion

Genevieve picks up on a handbag with a difference…

Anti-Paparrazzi HandbagWhile I’m not a celebrity, I am familiar with people taking photographs of me on nights out, not looking my best and in compromising situations. Instead of Paparazzi, I have click-happy friends. So this prototype handbag looks rather tempting. Coined the “Anti-Paparazzi handbag”, it detects camera flashes and emits a powerful strobe to dazzle the photographer.

Whilst it’s just a prototype at the moment, it seems like a good idea, but has anyone seen a picture of the bag? Does anyone know what it looks like? There will probably be an artist’s impression “8” long, satin finish and had a menacing look about it” is what I imagine the eye witness report will sound like. It could be hideous and you’d be carrying around a really ugly handbag if no one was snapping you.

Also, what happens to it if it gets caught in the headlight of a car? Does it then go dazzling innocent motorists?

The more I think about it, the more I see holes in the idea. Still, at least knicker-less celebrities can use the bag to cover their parts as they’re getting into cars. Then impressionable teens can read the gossip magazines and say “I knew it, the sun really does shine out of their bums”.

By Genevieve Sibayan
AHProjects [via BoingBoing]


One thought on “Anti-Paparazzi Fashion

  • A handbag made out of silver reflective fabric (the stuff used on Hi-Viz jackets) would do the trick..!

    If anyone’s tried to flash-photograph someone wearing that stuff, it tends to flash back at you and darken the rest of the image. That’d be a subtle way to mess around with the paps!

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