Metal Detecting Sandals for beachy hi-jinx

mneral sandals.jpg

Whilst these shoes are no Havianas they doe serve an Indiana Jones-esque purpose of allowing you to discover buried trash dirty cans treasure as you pad along the beach. Cleverly hidden in the right sandal is a copper coil, which attaches to a battery pack strapped to your right leg. The ring creates a magnetic field around the sole of the shoe, and when you pass over something metallic (within a 2 foot radius) the field is disrupted and the battery pack vibrates and flashes red. Now you can go dig up whatever exciting thing is underfoot- making you the Nancy Drew of beach trash/lost wedding rings.

It works off a 9 volt battery, and is sure to look extremely stylish when teemed with that itsy bitsy bikini.

$59.99 from Hammacher Schlemmer
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Zara Rabinowicz