Google creates ads to get people using its Chrome browser

Google launched its super slick minimalistic Chrome Browser couple of months ago, to huge Internet fanfare, but it appears the pickup hasn’t been the success it hoped for. With less than 1.4% of all Internet users opting for this streamlined browser, it seems that the giant may have a flop on their hands that not even their newly released ‘Google’ phone can save. Sop what have they done? They’ve created a funky advert to raise awareness.

At the moment Internet Explorer rules the browser roost, with around 66% of the market using it. In second place at 22% is media darling, Firefox, whose variety of useful add-ons let it hold a coveted spot in my heart. Apple trails in at third place, with Safari taking a teeny 8%, so Chrome really is the problem child of the family.

I’m not sure if the adverts will help much, as people are already aware that the browser exists, they’ve just opted not to use it so far, perhaps finding the clean page a bit too ‘minimalistic’ for their taste. I think as the browser develops and add-ons from developers are allowed, its market share will grow, so these ads are Google’s’ first attempt at truly entering the browser battle zone.

[via Guardian]

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Zara Rabinowicz