Geeks of London rejoice: The Sci-Fi Film Festival is just around the corner


I’ve been a hardened sci-fi fan ever since I first stumbled across Question Quest by Piers Anthony. My youth comprised of devouring novel after novel, from Pratchett’s puns to the futuristic fantasies of Gibson, and naturally related movies were a close second love. Fans of Bladerunner, the Matrix and the recently released Watchmen will be wetting themselves in anticipation of this forthcoming geekfest- a week long extravaganza that comprises of brand new science fiction films and related seminars for aspiring authors and auteur’s.

The event kicks off on the 29th April with Eyeborgs, a modern day Orwellian fantasy, and ends with a two part manga fest, and there’s a lot on offer in between!

I’m very intrigued by the free panel discussions about the future of sci-fi, and there will be regular ‘literature labs’ held which discuss a variety of topics, from the rise of the Steampunk subculture to a woman’s role in science fiction. There are a variety of high profile speakers on offer, and the talks sound extremely intriguing.

If this wasn’t enough, they’re also holding 4 film all nighters which let you immerse yourself in film for 12 hours straight! To support you on your mission they do provide you with free Red Bull and ice cream, and you can opt for either anime, Star Trek, Italian Horror or comedy to see you through the small hours.

Tickets range from £3-£12 per event depending on concessions and time, and I’m already scheduling my life around the shows I’d like to see.

Check it out here.

Zara Rabinowicz