Curb your Nintendo DS game playing with the Health Control Timer


With news of the seemingly fit and healthy 25 year old who died subsequent to a serious Wii workout session, gamers across the globe have been playing their beloved consoles and handhelds with an underlying fear they could be the next victim. But fear not, death may not be on the cards after all – and it’s all thanks to a little device called the Health Control Timer. Designed to regulate your DS addiction, the game timer will alert you and cease game play when you’ve been playing for a lengthy period of time. You’ll have to set it, naturally.

The device is cleverer than it looks and also packs a distance sensor to protect you peepers from excessive exposure to its small screen. When your face gets too close to the screen, a red light will flash alerting you that you’re putting yourself on the path to glasses and you must desist. It retails for 3,990 yen ($40 USD) here. Please note: you will need to be able to read Japanese.

[via DVICE]

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Lucy Hedges