The Lego phone reaches out to your inner child


Testament to the theory that 2009 could be the year of kid-tastic gadgetry, is yet *another* plastic-y piece of gadgetry that wouldn’t look out of place on a shelf full of Fisher Price toys. Understandably, it’s aimed at the kidults who’re in need of a bit of nostalgia – or the kids. I mean, who else would spend hard earned pennies on a phone that looks like it shouldn’t work and consists of mobile shaped Lego components?

Lego has teamed up with Alcatel to bring us a phone that very much embraces the brightly coloured building block ethics of the Lego brick. The phone comes with different sets of vibrant modular components that can be interchanged at will, say, when you’re bored of the blue/yellow/red mashup and want to swap the blue for green. Or maybe you’ll want to really to mix things up and swap the yellow component for a black one. It looks like the changing of the outer shell is for design purposes only, rather than changing the actual functionality of the phone.

Little else is known other than these aren’t the only Lego based gadgets that will be coming our way this year. So keep your eyes peeled.

[via Electric Pig]

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Lucy Hedges