SingStar goes wireless with Sony

singstar.jpgMicrophone wires are so restrictive aren’t they? I mean, how are you supposed to work the room and perform your little heart out (proving you could sooo have been the next Britney Spears) with an abrupt and restrictive tug of the microphone wire holding you back, while trying desperately hard to fight the resistance and remain plugged in each time you venture more than a few metres.

You’re not an energetic dog on a short leash, so why should you be treated like one? Experiencing the walls of restriction with an infuriating jerk is more than likely to result in a few diva-style tantrums, but the days of being treated like a disobedient dog are over – Singstar has gone wireless.

The wire free singing equipment will be compatible with both PS3 and PlayStation 2 and will be hitting the shelves as of 20th March, to coincide with the launch of SingStar Pop Edition in April. This means less wire-related exasperation and more “easy to pass around” equipment. Showcasing those vocal abilities will be almost like the real thing. You have a stage in your house right?

[via Pocket Lint]

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Lucy Hedges