On a clothing budget? Buy a House of Holland broadband dongle?


So, you’re absolutely desperate to get your body into the latest House of Holland look – as demonstrated by the lovely Pixie Geldof (I would have assumed Primark otherwise). So what do you do? Scrape those pennies together, in the hope that one day you’ll be able to afford at least one part of the outfit’s ingredients? Seems like the most feasible option, right? WRONG! Well according to the House of Holland team it is. According to a bunch of people who might possibly have smoked something illegal, the next best possible solution would be purchasing the exclusive and limited edition HOH O2 Mobile Broadband dongle instead! Funny, I wasn’t aware broadband dongles possess the ability to clothe people!

Oh, it’s because the dongle is emblazoned with the same polka dot design and HOH logo – ahhh… I still don’t get it. How is this the answer to your onabudget outfit woes? The press release says: ‘Checking your email or surfing the web on the go has never been more fashionable!’ – but that’s still not addressing your outfit woes though is it?

After spending a few minutes scratching my head, I think I finally geddit. Having this special HOH dongle is the next best thing to having the actual outfit (try telling a fashionista a dongle replaces clothing) – although it’s not actually a solution to ‘getting the latest House of Holland look’! It sounds more like a bit of PR spiel to me.

Should you want to get the latest HOH look but can’t afford it in the literal sense though, you can get it in geek format here as of 27th February right here – presuming you need broadband, of course.


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Lucy Hedges

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  • And if you can’t afford the dongle, you can get the House of Holland chewing gum. Really

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