Dial4Light, a close relation to Dial M for Murder

The internet says a new German scheme, Dial4Light, is a marvellous idea. I think it’s a sucky idea, and I don’t cross the internet lightly. The idea is that residents of trippyoffthetongue town Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz can save on electricity by only using street lamps when they’re needed. Walk down a street and you have to dial a certain code, found on the lamp post, to get light on that part of your journey.

Practically speaking, this would be horrific. It’s cold, dark and late. You’ve finished walking through 80567 and now need 80568 lit. But your phone’s at the bottom of your bag. Stand there, scrabble around, oh! What’s that tap on your shoulder? Oh hai, friendly neighbourhood mugger! Now it’s cold, dark and late and you’ve got no phone. Genius.

[via TechDigest]

Susi Weaser