Catch the One Penny Post


Emails are quick, cheap and efficient, but actualmailthat’snotbillsorjunkmail will bring a warm glow to all that receive it. But why should your postcards be restricted to pictures of Big Ben, Cotswold tea rooms and Princess Di? They shouldn’t – you should have the chance to thoroughly embarrass the postman by choosing complete inappropriate subject matter of your own creation. Enter One Penny Post.

Whilst not strictly created to cater to the needs of postcard perverts, this service will allow you to upload your own photos and send them off as real life postcards. Priced from £1.50 per postcard, you get a free postcard as soon as you register. And if you did want to click over the jump to find the Shiny Media address to send me a postcard, as a keepsake from my final week on Shiny Shiny, well, I’d be totally fine with that. And I’d send you a virtual snog right back.

Me? You want to send a postcard to me? Oh, you guys! Seriously. I think I would love that more than anything in the entire world.

Shiny Media 4th Floor,
130 Shaftesbury Ave,


Check it out here. [via Unplggd]

Susi Weaser


  • The reason it is called is that the first stamp that was ever created (back in the sixteenth century) was called one penny black.

  • Why’s it called ‘one penny post’? Pretty misleading name I think, seeing as it’s £1.50 a postcard.. It’s a lovely idea though and, I’m sure, well worth it in the right instance.

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