Zune struck down at the stroke of midnight

It’s a fine time to be British, folks. It’s a fine time to not be on the consumer electronics radar, a fine time to only be able to look longingly at North America and their wealth of cool products. It’s a fine time to not own a Zune.

If you do own a 30GB Zune, you have likely been struck down by a pesky bug, which caused the media player to freeze at exactly midnight. Why? Because someone forgot to take account for the extra day in 2008, which was a leap year. How. Embarrassing.

Microsoft promises that it will fix itself, and in fact, should have done by now, as the world enters a more standard 2009. Still, that’s shut up my feeling of harddonebyness regarding the UK not having the Zune – at least my iPod can deal with the Gregorian calendar.

[via Tech Digest]
Susi Weaser