Pink and red Baby G watches touted as great Valentines Day prezzies?

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When you think Baby G watches (which some would argue are the ultimate sturdy and robust timepiece) do you think Valentines Day? No? Me either. So, I got the info and accompanying images of a line of Baby G watches in a press release with the email header Valentine’s gifts…! I don’t know about you, but I’d be more than a little thwarted if I unwrapped my Valentines prezzie to reveal one of these. Yep, they’re nice (if you’re into Baby G) but as Valentines Day presents… when there’s much jewellery, chocolate, flowers and netbooks to be had this would rate pretty high on the disappointing scale.

As far as Baby G watches go, they are nice, but slapping a red or pinky hue on a product doesn’t make it especially for Valentines Day (PRs take note). They may be the colours of lurve but that definitely does not equal Valentine’s Day present options on the day for lovers.

But if you’ve been roped in (sucker) and think one of the above will make a fab present for your adventurous, sporty or Baby G lovin’ girlfriend click here. Prices range from £45 to around £90 – there’s too may to list and too many variations of Baby G, followed by at least 3 numbers and two letters, but you can check them all out here.

Baby G

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