iRiver SPINN gets a 2.0 update


When Dan took the iRiver SPINN for a test drive, the results were impressive. But as with any notable devices (and un-notable for that matter) there’s always room for improvement. Design-wise there are no changes, but its sleek and sexy design didn’t really need a design overhaul did it? It’s the software that’s had a bit of a re-vamp. Not everyone was huge fans of the user interface and general SPINN activity, so iRiver’s implemented some 2.0 changes to its insides.

Now, what makes it an even better PMP to dump all your media on, is its new memo taking feature, allowing you to scribble whatever comes to mind with the tip of your stylus, and strikingly big album art – should you want to stare in better detail at your favourite album covers. Joining the above is auto rotate and further file support for your pictures, auto-record of DMB TV, DAB or FM radio, video playback options have been extended giving you more control, and lastly, for a limited time only (this applies to Korean’s only) game downloads .

[via Engadget]

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Lucy Hedges