ezGear's gaming guitar lets your friends know you rock

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If you want to play Guitar Hero 2 and Rock Band: World Tour for your Wii,PC or Mac and* simultaneously ooze rock star status, one way to turn the fantasy into reality would be with ezGear’s You Rock Guitar. And it goes without saying, some kind of rock star attire would stand you in good stead for being mistaken for a rock god. The You Rock Guitar really is special. Not only is it a good looking piece of guitar strumming kit, but it actually simulates a “real” guitar with the inclusion of a multi-touch fretboard with six strings as opposed to five brightly coloured buttons. So it goes without saying, you’re going to apply a bit more skill than you would with the standard one.

Getting hooked up to this bad boy is simple using a 25-inch connection and if you simply want to strum without the assistance of gamage, plug in your iPod or MP3 player via the mini stereo jack and imagine you’re the latest member of Linkin’ Park.

I don’t know what the inclusion of that little g means – as far as I know this has nothing to do with Google. But it does add a bit of colour (albeit a minuscule amount) to the design, so I can let it go. It’ll be making its way to rock wannabe’s in either Q2 or Q3 for $150 USD.

[via Engadget]

Lucy Hedges


  • “ezGear’s gaming guitar lets your friends know you rock”

    O.K., let’s get something straight, people: this toy is not a guitar. It’s a gaming controller. Used to be that people would spend less than the cost of a gaming system and get ACTUAL INSTRUMENTS. And learn to play them. Are you familiar with the concept of the garage band? No, you moron, I don’t mean the video game that goes by that name. I mean Crazy Horse.

    DEVO was right, as was Huxley. Who is your preferred SOMA provider? Apple? Microsoft? Sony? Nintendo?

    We are a doomed species. We have become stupid.

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