Bring TV to life and don't break the bank with the IZ3D monitor

3d_tv.jpg3D TV is the kind of television viewing experience a lot of wish for, but don’t necessarily want to pay for something that’s going to make you *face palm* every time you check your bank balance. But why should you be denied the 3D TV experience and miss enjoying your favourite characters come to life? That’s the sentiments of IZ3D exactly and the motive behind the company’s move to lower the price of its 22-inch switchable 2D/3D monitor from $999 to $317 – not bad huh? They’ve thrown in three pairs of passive linear polarized glasses too (in layman’s terms – 3D glasses). The IZ3D monitor is your low-cost portal to the amazing world of 3D entertainment. So if you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to get your own 3D experience, here it is.

It doesn’t retail here in the UK, but that’s what shipping payments are for. Make someone’s eyes pop out of their sockets this Christmas by paying a visit to Amazon. If you’re after a design with a bit of life injected into it, get a custom-painted model here for $549.


[via Engadget] [Image: ICEAV]

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Lucy Hedges