Would you trust your laptop to a Class 3 waterproof case?


I love my laptop. It’s my treasure, my companion, my best friend. When it’s tired I let it sleep, when it’s dirty I clean it and when I travel it rests comfortably in a fleece lined pouch. Would I then take this lovely device, chuck it in an unattractive bag and *gulp* throw it in a pool? I don’t think so.

Despite Overboard saying the laptop bag has a 100% waterproof closure and is waterproof Class 3 I’m still not convinced. When you read the small pri9ny it says it can handle ‘quick submersions’, but how do you quantify that? Any deeper than 3 feet and it’s bye bye lappie. I’m going to opt out of this not so waterproof bag with a sigh of relief.

£39.99 from Overboard
[via Coolest gadgets]

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Zara Rabinowicz