Stylish and eco-friendly laptop bag is droolingly gorgeous


This is quite possibly the prettiest laptop bag I’ve EVER seen. This wonderfully gorgeous Melania laptop bag from J:Tote doesn’t really scream geek does it? It does however yell to the heavens that you’re all about the geek chic. As well as being an absolutely fabulous laptop bag, fitting any laptop up to 15-inches, it’s made with eco-friendly materials – bamboo, suede, floral fabric and wooden beads and trims – which should definitely satisfy the eco-warrior in you.

Its greatness doesn’t stop there. When there’s no need to cart around your laptop, don’t let the bag collect dust in the corner of your room, fill it with all the crap very important stuff you cram into your handbag on a daily basis.

Other than the handles that look like they’ll cut a hole in your shoulders, the bag gets a enthusiastic thumbs up from me. It’ll set you back $195 USD which is justifiable thanks to its gorgeousness. Check out the rest of the covetable range here. Oh, and be prepared to drool.

[via Gadget Style]

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Lucy Hedges


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