Samsung SGH-B130 phone for a fiver at Carphone Warehouse

SAMSUNG-B130-thumb-200x256.jpgThis is either going to go one of two ways – the phone’s a piece of cheap plastic-y tat that can only be used a few times after which it starts to deteriorate and lose all of its functions, or it’s going to be one of those tantalising offers that are too good to be true. When you find out what’s on offer, you’ll find Samsung’s SGH-B130 falls into the latter category. It’s packing a colour screen, vibrating alert, polyphonic ringtones, a USB port, WAP and GPRS… and all for five pounds – that’s half the price of a bargain bucket at KFC.

Carphone Warehouse describes it as being “surprisingly light and slim”, which you’d expect from a phone that’s cheaper than your favourite mascara. You’ll need to add £10 of phone credit to get the price down to a bargainous fiver, but even at £15, it’s still a brilliant offer.

Don’t believe me, check it out here.

[via Tech Digest]

Lucy Hedges