Philips Aurea II: even more colourful than before

Aurea 42PFL9903_in use.jpg
If you like your telly with added ‘wow’, you’ll be thrilled with the launch of the new Aurea from Philips. More into subtlety? You might want to skip to the post below. It’s now better looking, with a smaller frame, as well as better picture processing. But it’s the Active Frame you’re really interested in, right?

The picture on the screen is replicated in a glow from (a now increased) number of LEDs, with the colour matching the picture on screen. In their words, it “accurately identifies dominant on-screen colours and generates precisely matched ambient lighting both via the Active Frame and independently from all four sides of the screen onto a rear wall”. In mine, it’s freakin’ awesome.

There’s a dynamic contrast of 30,000:1, and it’s got a 2 millisecond response time and the world’s fastest LCD courtesy of the 100Hz Clear LCD system. There’s also six invisible speakers in the set, although you’re probably in the market for a proper surround sound system if you’re spending £2499 on a 42-inch telly.


Susi Weaser