LG's KF300 is a sweet flip phone with changeable font sizes

LG new phonee.jpg

LG are offering us a new model, and it looks fairly attractive. They’ve done away with all that touch screen nonsense and given us a simple lightweight flip phone that incorporates a hidden LCD screen on the front. You can use it for time and message alerts and they’ve also bundled in an extra large keypad. The larger size is great for those with fumbling fingers and they’ve include hot keys- shortcuts to your favourite functions.

It weighs in at 96g and is 16.2mm thick, and it includes all the usual suspects, such as Bluetooth, an FM radio and an MP3 player. The camera is 2 megapixels, and the memory is expandable up to 2GB. You can view all your contacts etc on the not to measly 2.2 inch screen and I like the fact you can alter the text size- great for those who have left their glasses at home.

It’s available exclusively on Orange for £15 pcm for a 24 month contract.

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Zara Rabinowicz